[PSP Homebrew] PowerFlashLight+ v1.5

MixeryM@xe has just released  PowerFlashLight+, It's handy plugin that turns your PSP into a flashlight, with Pixel-Fixer included.

    Flashlight on XMB
    Pixel-Fixer on XMB
    LED 's on / off (Power,MS,WLAN)
    Display-Brightness-level min/mid/max
    Display on / off
    PSP shutdown
    PSP Coldreset

Control list:
    LTRIGGER+AnalogUP = Flashlight on
    LTRIGGER+AnalogDOWN = Flashlight off
    SQUARE+AnalogUP = Pixel-Fixer on
    SQUARE+AnalogDOWN = Pixel-Fixer off
    LTRIGGER+AnalogRIGHT = LED´s on
    LTRIGGER+AnalogLEFT = LED´s off
    RTRIGGER+AnalogLEFT = Brightnes min
    RTRIGGER+AnalogUP = Display on / Brightness mid
    RTRIGGER+AnalogRIGHT = Brightness max
    RTRIGGER+AnalogDOWN = Display off
    AnalogDOWN+HOME = PSP Shutdown
    AnalogUP+HOME = PSP ColdReset

- Copy PowerFlashLight+.prx to "ms0:/seplugins/PowerFlashLight+.prx"
- Open the "vsh.txt" (if not available, create new) and add following line:
        ms0:/seplugins/PowerFlashLight+.prx 1
- Restart your PSP.

Powerlashlight+ V1.5 (97.75 KB)

Source: qj

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