[PSP Homebrew] XManager Beta

Homebrew developer xerpi has released XManager Beta, It is a handy file browser that has many different features not commonly available on your PSP.

Some of the features of XManager includes: media player, image viewer, ability to move, delete, copy, rename files from our Memory Stick, and the ability to extract data archives (zip) straight from your PSP.

Developer's note:

Many of us yearn to have total control over the files located in our Memory Stick, the downside of life, is that since the PSP, we can only remove certain types of files, and nothing more, so required a PC, to manage the various files of our Memory Stick.

XManager PSP is a file browser, which gives us many interesting features, which are not integrated with the PSP, such as:
  • Windows Media Player.
  • Move files.
  • Delete files.
  • Copy files.
  • Rename files.
  • Extract compressed files in zip format.

It is also open to linguistic diversity, as has some of the most common languages ​​(according to the PSP system language), Spanish, English, French and even Catalan *

The homebrew, is in its Beta version, so it still has some Bug's that will be corrected in later versions, improvements are promised, as you can send files via Ad hoc.

XManager Beta  (5.54 MB)
Source: qj

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