[PSP Homebrew] CTorrent-DNH-PSP-DA v1.5

Homebrew dev Daniel Ribeiro (aka DanielBR or ferion11) has  released his port of the Enhanced CTorrent app for the PSP, a nifty 
torrent client for Sony's handheld console.

Developer's note:

This is a port and a bit of Enhanced CTorrent to PSP by danzel and improved by danielbr. The features supported are fairly minimal (No protocol encryption, https support, peer exchange, etc) You can download torrents from thepiratebay.org, I've used it as my test site.

I tried to port libtorrent and libtorrent.ro before trying to port ctorrent.
It should be possible to port transmission (might need some work on the pthreads port however), but seriously, torrenting on PSP? You are crazy!

The PSP networking stack really isn't designed for running torrents, I've limited peers to 20 to attempt to alleviate this, but it still causes problems some times.

  • (summarizing) A lot of bugfix and improvements by updating from "ctorrent-dnh3.2" to "ctorrent-dnh3.3.2". You can see for yourself in Enhanced CTorrent official site
  • Create the ctorrentpsp.ini for some configuration. For now, it just have one: "torrent_dir" - the directory where the CTorrent-DNH-PSP-DA will read the torrents.
Source: QJ

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