[PSP Plugins] YAPM Plugins Manager v0.60

A new version ofYAPM Plugins Manager has been released, This is  a feature-packed app that allows you to organize all your PRX plugins.

  • Made it easier to scroll through large lists with left and right.
  • File selector with configurable initial path.
  • File selector sorts and filters results.
  • Put translations into TXT files so they can be edited more easily.
  • Select between 4 plugin configuration sets. Set 0 is the active configuration, and sets 1-3 is archived plugin configurations.
  • Plugged a big memory leak.
  • Code cleanup and updated english translation.

Developer's note:

"YAPM (A) Plugins Manager" is just what the name implies. It's a homebrew to keep your PRX plugins organized. It started out as a project to get more experience coding for the PSP and also because other Plugin Managers at the
time either had bugs or were written in a foreign language, or both.

The name stands for "Yet Another Plugin Manager" it is also a recursive acronym. It is coded using the OldSchool library and the MyPSPw toolchain.
Key features:
  • Graphical, not text based.
  • Statistics and help screen.
  • Configuration file.
  • Customization possible.
  • Multilingual (automatic).
  • Toggle plugins on/off.
  • Edit lines w/ on-screen keyboard.
  • Remove and insert lines.
  • Move lines up & down.
  • Copy, cut & paste lines.
  • Save and load .txt files.
  • Unlimited lines and scrolling.
  • Creates .txt files if they don't exist.
  • Handles unix, macintosh and windows text files.
  • Automatically removes empty lines.
  • Screenshot function.
  • Eye-candy.
  • Online version check.
  • English, German and Spanish language.
  • Badly translated French language.
Source: QJ

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