[PSP Plugins]PSP Power Controller Version 4.3 released!

SnyFbSx’s useful PSP Power Controller plugin has just been released. This plugin lets you create shortcuts to  easily do several things, such s putting your PSP into sleep mode, automatic sleep mode, restart your PSP, power shutdown, battery info, PSP display information and the brightness (Brightness) to adjust. All practical options, but most are already in the VSH menu or something.

?Ver4.3 :? Fix a bug to don’t works on FW6.38.(Thanks wn!)Standard controls:
The default settings for this plugin.
1.Sleep : Push HOME Button & Triangle Button.
2.Autosleep : Push HOME Button & Cross Button. (You can switch between auto sleep.)
(“XMB” set timer in “XMB” is valid only.”GAME” and so on the timer setting.)
3.Restart : Push HOME Button & Square Button.
4.Supply OFF : Push HOME Button & Circle Button.
5.Battery View : Push HOME Button & Screen Button. (You can toggle the display of the battery.)
6.Log output : Push HOME Button & VolUp Button. (You can switch between battery logging necessity.)
7.Brightness : Push HOME Button & VolDown Button. (You can switch the screen brightness.)
*1: By default, the display of the battery is done. Logging is not output.
*2: By default, no auto sleep.


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