[PSP Tool]6.20 TN-E Permanent Patch v3

Some of us are still on Total_Noob’s 6.20 TN-E (HEN) and using the permanent patch to boot directly into 6.20 TN without having to first run the loader and reboot. Well version 3 of the permanent patch is now out from coder Frostegater. The New fixes include an option to hide the Settings menu TN xmbCTRL and the ability to reinstall the patch.
The developer choose to also include an ISO / CSO loader, so this permanent patch has a built in ISO/CSO loader…

6.20 TN-E Permanent Patch v3 changelog:

[!]If initializing flash rw – failed, installer exiting in XMB.
[+]If press DOWN, loading any *.PBP from ms0:/EBOOT.PBP or ef0:/EBOOT.PBP, ef0 prevails.
[+]Added ICON0.PNG. Thanks vit9696.
[+]Added ISO/CSO Loading (Extended rebootex (c)ardi), WARNING! Disabled size control function in installer!
[+]The delete function vsh.txt version.txt and not replaced and renamed in vsh_off.txt version_off.txt.
[!]Fixing Slim color patching in TN Settings, in PSP Fat-1000.
[!]Fixed coldboot.
[!]Fixed no-plugins bug in TN Settings.
[!]Delete update TN function.
[!]Password Control worked only if PSP first powered or rebooted.
[+]Added opportunity reinstall patch.
[!]Delete recovery function (It not worked).
[!]Reported renamed vsh.txt function.
[i]Clear code.
[+]Added function for hide TN Settings in xmbctrl.prx.
[!]Already folder with patch for hidding named by “TN-E_PPATCH”.
[!]Fixed bug in not worked MAC spoof function in TN Settings.

WUPLOAD (196.42 KB)

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