[PSP Plugins] XMBCtrl v1.2 beta Full Released!

Frostegater has just released XMBCtrl v1.2. This update supports the latest 6.60 CFWs released last week.


[.] Initial release.

[!] Fixed translate XMB Control in PSPgo.
[+] Added "Use usbversion.txt from ../seplugins/" item in "Configuration" menu.
xx_prosettings.txt reading from seplugins/xmbcontrol if this folder exists.

[+] Added ME Freecore xmbctrl.
[!] Visual fixes.
[!] Fixed crashing on PSPgo (ME).

Tested on: PSP-2008 Slim&Lite / PSP-1008 Phat || 6.20/6.35/6.39/6.60 PRO-B9

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