[PSP Homebrew] PSP DiGi CoMix Reader

Coder DeGenerationX [Dx] has released PSP DiGi CoMix Reader, as the name suggests its a digital comic reader for your PSP. It is a simple homebrew for your psp,by using it you can read your favorite
comics[which you can download on the internet for free] without actually spending anything.FOR thosewho cannot buy comics via psn store FOR the Official Digital Comics like me, a app like this will come handy.

Install instructions:
1.Put "COMICS" folder to the root of the psp memory stick.
2.Put "Digital Comics"folder to the PSP -> GAME floder
3.Put some comics in "COMICS" folder which u copied in step 1.[comic should be.cbr/.cbz format]

For Full Game, See isengdude.blogspot.com Contact Us if broken link

Post that you maybe interested