[PSP Plugins] PluginManager v3 Released

PluginManager v3 has been released, it improves the loader menu display and fixes a bug. Grab it below!
An even easier means to enabling/disabling your plugins has arrived; that isn't to say it was ever difficult, it just sucks having to reboot each time you activate or deactivate a plugin. This -- this aims to change all that: PluginManager v2 from professor plum. Install and activate it; then you can manage all your other plugins in real-time ... without rebooting. Pretty cool, right?

  • Improved display · LoaderMenu
  • Bug Fix
  • Add a setting file
  • To avoid conflict with the memory used by the game
  • To allocate memory from the kernel space
  • First public release

For Full Game, See isengdude.blogspot.com Contact Us if broken link

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