[PSP News] HBL running on the PS Vita

Wololo has managed to run a Megadrive emulator in the hacked PSP emulator side of the PS Vita. This is using tech4′s save game exploit. Its still work in progress and Wololo is working to port over Half Byte Loader aka HBL to the PS Vita. The above video speaks for itself, Sonic and Knuckles playable via emulator Picodrive. This is great news. Wololo has outlined there is still a lot of work to do and has discovered a few possible road blocks on the PS Vita.
Wololo on this:
This is technically HBL rising from the deads, running on the PS Vita, and loading the picodrive emulator. Usually I would show you the entire loading process, but you'll understand that some of the things I do (in particular the exploit used) need to be kept under wraps until the whole thing is made public (if it is ever made public, read more below). I hope however that given my reputation on the PSP scene this won't be categorized as a fake, please understand that I can't show much this time. Picodrive is one of the easiest homebrews to run on HBL for some reason, that's why I'm using it in my test. People who've used HBL a lot in its early days will recognize the sound glitch, this is some 22kHz sound being played at 44kHz, or the other way around, I can never remember. That's because the PSP emulator is using PSP's firmware 6.60, for which HBL's syscall estimation code seems to be a bit useless. (I am still pending some reply from Teck4 to see if it would make sense to "officially" involve more hackers on this port, and see if we can fix those syscalls problems. For now, as far as I know I'm the only one who made it that far on the Vita, and I feel kind of lonely on this new hacking scene ^^).


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