[PSP Plugins] PRXShot v0.1.2. Takescreen shots on 6.xx HEN/CFW

Its another screenshot plug-in for your PSP. This screenshot plugin that doesn't need to pause the game to take the capture (useful for avoid lag disconnects on online/adhoc gaming) and classifies the images per game using their name and icons (just like the very few games that come with native screenshot support).

Rewrote asm payload code (doesn't need memory allocation anymore so hopefully the issues with 6.20 / aLoader are finally fixed)
Fixes bugs with 6.20 TN and/or aLoader

The plugin stores the screenshot in BMP format inside:


for umd/iso games or:

>> /PSP/SCREENSHOT/PS<8-byte sha1sum of the title>/pic_XXXX.bmp

for homebrew or games in PBP format (because the homebrews have the same GAME_ID ¬_¬).

Copy the prxshot directory to the seplugins directory (or anywhere you want) and add the plugin to the game.txt file (and/or vsh.txt if you want to).

The prxshot directory comes with these files:

  • prxshot.prx: the plugin
  • default_icon0.png: optional default icon to use for those homebrews without icon (you can make your own image, just try to maintain the same dimensions)
  • xmb.sfo: template to make folder icon for screenshots in VSH mode.

The plugin by default tries to use the PIC1.PNG file too (the background image that appears when the game is selected in the xmb menu) for the screenshot folder but you can force the plugin to omit the image by creating a empty file named prxshot_nopic1.txt in the same directory of the plugin (some games/homebrews have heavy images for background that take some seconds to load and probably you dont want that additional MS activity).

How to use it: press the NOTE button to take a screenshot.

I made the plugin open sourced because its a pain when the plugins stop working in a CFW revision and one cant do anything about it except to apply reverse engineering to the code to try to fix it.

PRXSHot V0.1.2 (131.53 KB)
Source: pspslimhacks.

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