[PSP Plugins PSP Themes]CXMB for CFW 3.71-6.39 v2

Patpat is back on the scene to release a revised version of CXMB for custom firmwares 3.71-6.39, a handy homebrew plugin that allows users to load custom PSP themes directly from the memory stick.this latest release of CXMB is compatible with all custom firmwares starting from 3.71 M33 up to the latest 6.39 version. 

Developer's note:

Poison’s CXMB based on modified source code plug-ins from the new theme in the 3.71 to 6.39 with all the self-system between

v2 version 6.38 and 6.39CTF theme can not fix the problems common

CXMB Plug-ins (installed CXMB plug-ins can use this direct coverage):

WUPLOAD (10.07 KB)

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