[PSP Plugins] PSP Power Controller v5.1.2 Released

Homebrew developer SnyFbSx has updated his PSP Power Controller, a handy homebrew plugin that allows users to create shortcuts in order to access several features of their handheld. What's new with the latest update?  

  • Added a new version of auto shutdown.(Versions to specify a time)
  • Added a shutdown's icon.
  • Sleep type "IDLE SLEEP (AUTO)" was changed to hide at VSH.
  • [Bug fix] Fixed a bug that sets the CPU clock.
  • [Bug fix] Fixed the display when the timer icon.
  • [Bug fix] Fixed a bug that is automatically output even if the log has been set.
  • Adjusted between the battery and the battery icon percent.
  • To prepare a priority draw the icon.

Developer's note:
"PSP Power Controller" by setting the hot key, your easy controll of power.

How to use:
The default settings for this plugin.
  • Sleep - Push HOME Button & Triangle Button.
  • Autosleep - Push HOME Button & Cross Button. (You can switch between auto sleep.)
    • ("XMB" set timer in "XMB" is valid only."GAME" and so on the timer setting.)
  • Restart - Push HOME Button & Square Button.
  • Power Supply OFF - Push HOME Button & Circle Button.
  • Battery View - Push HOME Button & Screen Button. (You can toggle the display of the battery.)
  • Log output - Push HOME Button & VolUp Button. (You can switch between battery logging necessity.)
  • Brightness - Push HOME Button & VolDown Button. (You can switch the screen brightness.)
    • By default, the display of the battery is done. Logging is not output.
    • By default, no auto sleep.


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